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Bread using Kitchen Mixer

This is a quick how to and tips on how to make bread using kitchen mixer.

I buy the bread mix from ‘All About Bread’ and this is great! Usually a nice light wholemeal or even the sweet breads are yum!

Ingredients (Use the amounts specified on the packages)

  • Bread mix
  • Water (Warm from the tap is best. Also measure using grams for accuracy. i.e. 100ml = 100g)
  • Yeast (sachets or dried)


  • Add yeast and flour to mixer and mix for 30 secs using the dough hook. This is just to combine the dry mix.
  • Add warm water from the tap as per the directions. Note use a little less at first and add more if required.
  • Knead using the dough hook on speed 2 for 7 minutes until smooth, not sticky. Wet dough will cause problems.
  • Allow to rise until doubled in size for 1 hour max on a warm day.
  • Punch down the dough and shape as required or place in a floured tin.
  • Allow to rise again until doubled in size for 45 minutes to 1 hour max
  • Bake. For small rolls 60-65g bake at 180 DegC for 25 minutes. For a XL loaf in a tin, bake at 180 DegC for 40 minutes. (The inner temp will be around 190 DegC – measured using a kitchen thermometer)

General Tips

  • Yeast added is around 1% of flour. For example 500g flour, 5g yeast.
  • Do not allow dough to rise for too long. This will result in a yeasty tasting bread.