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Ombre Roses Cake

Buttercream roses cake

Ombre Roses Cake. Roses, beautiful roses! I made this cake for my mums 60th birthday. This is relatively easy and not too complicated for the novice baker. It just takes a bit of time! Yes a bit of time haha!

Searching for a beautiful cake I came across an amazing ombre cake and was inspired.

This was quite a sweet cake with the white chocolate buttercream. The lemon curd helps to cut through the sweetness. Overall a yummy cake!


  1. Make the lemon curd.
  2. Bake the cakes and colour them as appropriate. I baked 4 x 8inch cakes to give a good height to the cake. I coloured them using ‘Wilton Creamy Peach’ gel colour. Remember less is more when colouring as they will darken.
  3. Make the buttercream. I made white chocolate buttercream as per the below link.
  4. Colour the buttercreams as appropriate and place in 4 separate piping bags with Wilton 1M piping tip.
    I only had 2 piping tips so just coloured them all and placed 2 colours in the piping bags at a time.
  5. Start to assemble the cake by placing a dollop of buttercream underneath the bottom cake.
  6. Stack the cakes by piping a buttercream edge around the rims of each layer to contain the lemon curd in between.
  7. Crumb coat with a thin layer of icing around the entire cake. Place the cake in the fridge as required to stop the icing melting too much.
  8. When ready, start at the bottom of the cake and pipe roses up the cake and on the top.
  9. If there are any gaps pipe long swirls to cover them up.